A Thread Director

I don’t often write about gadgets, but when something helps me I like to pass it on. A while back I was given a “Specialty Thread Spool Pin Adapter” to try.  I took it home, put it in a drawer, and truthfully forgot about it. Then recently I was vending at a show across from David (who invented the  Thread Director )   and Gee Caulder and I remembered mine – in the drawer.

Now maybe you don’t have this issue, but I love to use Aurifil and silk thread when I quilt. The spools are small, and don’t fit well on the spool pin made for large cones.  I have put spools under the spools to raise them, and I have attached a coffee cup to my spool pin to put the threads in. The solutions worked, but not ideal.  So I attached the Thread Director. It’s easy to put on right over your spool pin with a plastic screw that is provided. Now I love quilting  with my speciality threads even more.  I had no thread breakage, and the stitches were beautiful.

What gadgets work for you?

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