Long Arm Quilting

When is it enough?

Do you ever start your quilting thinking I will just keep this simple and then….  It’s always a process for me.  I start with a simple idea, but it just doesn’t look finished and so… and so…. and so.

This is the case with what I am working on now.  I thought a simple design using a stencil.  I knew the moment I did it there needed to be more.  So I added stitch in the ditch, and extended to add where seams would be if the corner beam block had continued on the other side.  Am I satisfies yet? Ummmm, no.

The Beginning

So what next?  Let’s double the line.  There is too much puff making the design seem too simple.IMG_3510 (3)

Next i echoed the stitching lines inside which gave more definition, improving the design.IMG_3513 (3)

This still keeps the design simple without being too boring.  I may still add some stippling in the second ring which would pop the initial stencil design, but may be too much for this “simple” quilt.  I don’t want it stiff.

This quilt is extra puffy which is part of the challenge.  I have two layers of batting in it.  On purpose??? Yes, of course.  A tip I picked up from Jamie Wallen of Quilters Apothecary.  I have a layer of 80/20 cotton/polyester batting by Hobb’s.  On top of it I put a layer of Legacy wool.  Why?  To show off the quilting.  Adds more puff so you add more quilting.

Each quilt is a journey.  I like to see it all the way through.  Thanks for coming along.

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