ALL THAT WANDER – 5 Hour Workshop

This stunning quilt uses a second background to create a beautiful pathway in this design.  It is made with the Wing Clipper, Tucker Trimmer III,  and the Corner Pop 2 tools.

All That Wander – Supply List


BREAD AND BUTTER – 3 hour workshop

Bread and Butter Runner- Supply List

Bread and Butter

CONSTELLATION  – 3 hour or full day workshop

Constellation Supply List

Using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool you will be able to make all ten sizes of the Lemoyne Star.  No templates, and no “Y” seams!  The blocks are strip pieced, made slightly larger, and then trimmed down for an accurate block with all your points.  This is an amazing tool that will inspire you to create your own quilts or add stars to your borders or other blocks.  In a three hour workshop you will learn the process and be well on your way to creating this beautiful star quilt.  The pattern comes free with the ruler.


FIESTA – 5 Hour Workshop

Fiesta Supply List

This fun star quilt is made with the Split Rects tool and the Corner Pop.  Great project to use your 10″ Layer Cake squares.  Yeah, this is why you bought them.IMG_1297

FILIGREE – 5 Hour Workshop

A unique variation on a traditional Snail’s Trail block.  Instead of a four patch in the center, there are two pointy triangles giving you inter locking twists – a unique effect reminding us of filigree scrollwork.  This uses the Corner Beam and the Large Square² tool.

Filligree – Supply List

Version 2

FREELANCER –  5 Hour Workshop

Freelancer Supply List

This pattern comes with the  Wedge Star tool instructions.  It can make 22 different sizes from  a 9″ x 9″ up to 72″ x 72″ (without borders).  This class will teach the basics of using the Wedge Star tool with several variations of the block


GALAXY – 5 Hour Workshop

Galaxy Supply List

Galaxy is a stunning alternating block design that creates an unlocking circle design.  The blocks are made using the V Block and the Tucker Trimmer I.  Make sure use contrasting fabrics to highlight the design.


           Galaxy                      🐾Simon Approved

HIDDEN TREASURES  – 5 hour workshop

Hidden Treasutres Supply List

With just 8 dark and 8 light fat quarters plus borders design your own Hunter’s Star Hidden Treasure.  With more than 40 design options you are sure to find one you will love.  This quilt project uses the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star Petite tool.

Feathered Frenzy


HIGHER GROUND – 5 hour workshop

My first pattern, and the first of the SIMPLY 180  pattern line! Made with the Star 60 tool, it’s a simple twist on the traditional Star 60 block.   Fun and fat quarter friendly; you can use two fabrics or go scrappy with several.



HOT FLASH – 5 hour workshop

Hot Flash Supply List

This is a great class to learn the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star Technique.  You will also use the Tucker Trimmer I to add an interesting border around the stars.  Deb Tucker’s version is done in red and white, thus the name “Hot Flash”.

Hot Flash



Jewel Star Supply List 

This beautiful table runner is designed to teach the Rapid Fires Lemoyne Star.   The table runner  has two sizes of the Lemoyne Star, helping you to become confident with the ruler.


Jewel Star

LOVE LINKS  – 5 hour workshop

Love Links Supply List

Interlocking chevrons make this unique quilt.  It looks difficult, but with the Wing Clipper I you will have accurate Flying Geese units giving you a great start for a well pieced quilt.  You can make this quilt in 8 different sizes with the many size options of the Wing Clipper.

Love Links

MASQUERADE – 3 hour workshop without appliqué full day with

Masquerade Supply List

Masquerade Applique and Table Runner Supply List

Make this Hunter’s Star table runner or larger wall hanging/table topper, without templates or “Y” seams!  Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star tool will make easy, accurate Hunter’s Stars in multiple sizes.  There is no end to the quilts you can make!

PRISM  – 5 hour workshop

Prism Supply List

Such a unique quilt by Pam Goggans of Sager Creek Quilts and Yarnworks, a fellow Certified Instructor and fantastic quilt designer.  I just couldn’t wait to make this quilt with the Studio 180 Design Split Rects tool and Deb’s Twilight Chic Island Batik fabric.  


REFRACTION  – 3 Hour Workshop

Refraction Supply List

Diamonds and squares make this a fun, quick table runner. Diamond Rects is the tool that makes the diamond shapes precise and easy. The blocks can be made using 2 1/2″ strips.


SEA GLASS  -5 hour workshop

Sea Glass Supply List

This  unique quilt reminds me of the broken chards of sea glass found on the many Florida beaches.    You will learn how to use Studio 180 Design’s Diamond Rects tool to make those beautiful diamond shapes with all the points in tact.  This is a fun project with a floating squares border.

Sea Glass

SIGNS OF AUTUMN – 5 hour workshop

Signs of Autumn Table Runner Supply List

This is a great fall project.  The table runner is made with the Corner Beam and Wing Clipper I rulers from Studio 180 Design.  Mine was done in Batiks, but you could use some of the beautiful fall fabrics.

Signs of Autumn Table Runner

You can also  do a wall hanging with the addition of the Square² tool.

Signs of Autumn Wall Hanging

Tumbling Triangles – 5 hour workshop

 Tumbling Triangles Supply List

If you want a fun, quick project this is it.   Using two fabrics and the Studio 180 Design V Block tool you will have fun creating this creative quilt in the size that is just right for your space.

Tumbling Triangles

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  1. How much do you charge for your workshops? I belong to a quilt guild in Belleview Florida and I am on the committee to get speakers/workshops for our guild. I like the different designs that are being used with the different rulers.

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