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Try a Tool Blog Hop

Our challenge this month is to make a quilt with the tool given to us by Studio 180 Design. Since the tools make multiple size units, the quilt can be any size, but must have at least 30 units. The tool I received is the Corner Beam.

Corner Beam

The fabric Island Batik gave me to use is Floral Wonders by Jerry Khiev.

Floral Wonders

These fabrics are gorgeous! I was also given two yards of Sky and two yards of Bluebird. These are Island Batik foundation and blender fabrics that coordinate with the fabric lines and are always available.

I wanted to use as many of these pretty fabrics as I could in the quilt so I decided to use a different one for each section. I cut the side units (four of each fabric) using the Corner Beam tool.

I used the Sky fabric for my center beam, which I cut into a strip and then squares. Next, I used the Corner Beam trim lines to trim away the sides. Those pieces you trimmed off? You’ll want to save them for another project. They could be side triangles for a smaller Corner Beam block or used in a Split Rects block. I love that I don’t have to throw them away. Studio 180 Design tools are very good about having minimal waste.

Once you have all your pieces, sew your side triangles onto your beam, and that’s when the magic happens. Your block is bigger than it needs to be so you now use the Corner Beam tool to trim your block, leaving the 1/4″ seam, and your point will be perfect.

Look at that perfect 1/4″ seam at the point!

Did you notice, in the pictures above, that I used the side triangles which I cut away earlier? Hmmmm… another project perhaps.

So here’s my quilt, which I’m calling Garden Delights. I think it would make a great baby quilt.

It was fun to quilt this on my long arm using Aurifil 40 weight thread from the Whale Shark collection.

Garden Delights

Click on the link below for a chance to win precuts for Midnight Dazzle or Floral Wonders:


Be sure to follow my fellow Island Batik Ambassadors to see what they created with their Studio 180 Design tool. You can find that link here.

31 thoughts on “Try a Tool Blog Hop

  1. Love the pattern, since we are a bunch of retired ladies that quilt we are always looking for patterns and ideas, have invested some of the Studio 180 tools and have found them easy to use and have made several quilts with them

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  2. What a pretty, cheerful quilt! Island Batiks are wonderful! And I have been looking for different “kite” block designs–yours is one I will absolutely be playing with.

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