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Prism in Twilight Chic

artboard 1sm

Look at this gorgeous fabric I got to work with this week!  Deb Tucker’s Twilight Chic line from Island Batik is just gorgeous!  They go so well together making any project look great.  You will definitely want to ask your local quilt shop for this fabric for your next project.

My Beautiful Palette







“Prism”, the pattern I chose, uses the Studio 180 Design Split Rects tool.  After you cut the appropriate size strip for your block, the tool is used to cut the shapes rotating the tool along the strip.  Each tool comes with great instructions and Deb Tucker gives the best demos ever on each of her tools on the Studio 180 Design website.



The Dark Shapes Cut and Ready to be Sewn

After my shapes are cut I sew with confidence, because they are made slightly bigger than they need to be so they can be trimmed to perfect.


IMG_9686Once you have sewn your block together the tool is used to square it up.  Now your block will be just what it need to be for those 1/4″ seams and perfect matching corners.







“Prism” was designed by Pam Goggans of Sager Creek Quilts.  Pam is also a Certified Studio 180 Design Instructor and a fabulous pattern designer.  I have made and taught several of her patterns.  When I was deciding what pattern to make with the Twilight Chic fabric, “Prism” was the first one to come to mind.  It is just beautiful with the Twilight Chic fabrics.  Pam also added a special twist to the Split Rects tool to come up with a great design effect used in the midst of her diamond shapes and in her border.

Now be sure to check out the rest of my fellow Certified Instructors’ Blogs and see the great creations they have come up with.  I can’t wait I am sure they will blow you away!
And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win your very own Twilight Chic Fat Quarter Bundle!
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