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Refreshing the Longarm

My new hydraulic lift is awesome.  It allows me to quilt at just the right height, whatever, that happens to be for the quilting I’m doing.  With just the push of a button I can set a new height.  It has helped me visually see what I am quilting.  Definitely recommend.

Yesterday I put on new leaders.  I felt mine had stretched out over the years.  Fresh ones might help make sure quilts are lined up more accurately.  My originals were put on with velcro, so all I had to do was add the velcro to the new leaders and they would be put on straight.  I notice a lot of companies seem to just tape on the leaders.  Don’t think I would like that.  Is it placed on straight?  Does the tape stay on?



I also decided to give the Red Snappers a try again.  They are suppose to help you load a quilt faster.  I was afraid I wasn’t getting the quilt on as straight with them last time I tried them.  This time I was careful to line the material up with a line on the leaders.   I enjoyed not getting stabbed with the pins.

IMG_0008 (1)So today I loaded a new quilt.  I’ve been fooling around with how to quilt it.  This is my new method for designing.  I have been printing a picture of the quilt then drawing different patterns until I find what I like.  Then I can refer to it while quilting.  If I’m using the piecing itself for guideline I really don’t have to draw much on the quilt which I like.  If it’s more complicated then I would draw out more.  What do you think?  How do you come up with your designs?


Solitaire by Studio 180 Designs



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