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Hurricanes, Puppies, and a Drippy Sink

It takes a lot to get me to stop quilting to organize my quilting space, let alone my home.  A few  months ago Hurricane Hermaine came through causing a lot of damage as trees fell down on neighborhood homes.  We were very fortunate to not have any real damage.  We did, however, lose power for three days.  By the third day we realized we had lost anything that was perishable in the two refrigerators we have.  So two refrigerators were cleaned and completely organized.

My 9 month old Mini-Labradoodle, Simon, has discovered my longarm table, and all it’s goodies sometimes bringing me thread, scissors, seam ripper you get the picture.  Something had to be done.


While visiting my daughter and son-in-law in Little Rock, Arkansas I headed right to the Container Store to find some drawers to put under the table.  What I really like about what I found is that I can open the drawers on both sides of the table. I have now cleared off the longarm table, and the clutter is gone.  It’s always a good feeling.


Tumbling Triangles getting loaded onto machine

Right before we left for Little Rock I found there was a slight drip under the sink.  You guessed it … time to declutter under the sink grrrrrrr.

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