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Feathered Frenzy in "Hidden Treasures"

Super excited today to see one of my quilts in Deb Tucker’s book, “Hunter’s Star Hidden Treasures”.

This goes back to our Certification with Studio 180.  As part of  our training Deb had us take the Hunter’s Star block, and start playing with them. The first design I came up with was “Crowning Around”, but I wanted to make it bigger then what Deb was looking for.

For the book Deb wanted designs made out of eight dark and eight light fat quarters. I came up with “Feathered Frenzy”.

The book is so well written, and has awesome designs that you can do with Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Hunter Star tool. I recommend you pick up the book at your local quilt shop or http://www.studio180design.net and the tool and get started.


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