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Lone Star? I’m Not Afraid Anymore.

This week I started Studio 180’s pattern Deep in the Heart. It’s a Lone Star surrounded with LeMoyne Stars, that Deb Tucker designed to go with Marie Bostwick’s book “Between Heaven and Texas“.  If you haven’t read Marie’s books warning – Once you start you won’t put them down.




Organization is a key for the Lone Star block in the center of this quilt.

Pinning a must. You can even baste your intersections as recommended in Jan  Krentz’ Lone Star Quilts and Beyond book.

Seams are pressed open, and each diamond is pressed on a grid that I drew on my ironing pad. This was another great tip from Jan’s book.  Remember you are sewing bias edges. Be careful!
Quilt is sewn in two halves then completed with one long seam

Success!  I’m glad my points turned out, but I can’t wait  to surround the Lone Star with LeMoyne Stars using Studio 180 Design’s Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star tool!  I will post again when I finish the LeMoyne Stars.



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