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Quilting Trade Winds

This was such a fun project to quilt.  With the LeMoyne Stars, V-blocks, and Square there was such a diversity of areas to be quilted it was just fun.  My previous blog (and yes it has been a while, but life gets in the way sometimes), showed the piecing of “Trade Winds”, and here I want to show some photographs of the actual quilting.  I find it so disappointing when I see a beautiful quilt and the quilting doesn”t do it justice.  I like everything about quilting.  I could not imaging giving my quilt to someone else to finish for me.  I hope my quilting inspires others to get creative and enjoy the whole process of making a quilt.

I used silk thread on the top of the quilt, and Aurifil in the bobbin. Swirls and feathers, straight line and swiggles, what fun!

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