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Certified Studio 180 Instructors Reunion

Had a great few days in Williamsport, PA reuniting with the inaugural group of Certified http;// instructors and the Tucker team.  What a great group!
I can not say enough positive things about this group of instructors,  Any one of them would be an asset to you shop for classes, or to your Guild meetings for lectures or workshops.

One of Deb’s new patterns “Wish Upon”
This is just the center.  I’ll share again when I get the borders on


These are some of the class blocks for the pattern ” Northern Neighbors”

We tested some of DebTucker’s new patterns that will be released soon, and we got a new tool also not quite on the market.  The new tool is called the “Corner Pop”.  It will help you cut the corners off your blocks to make new designs.  It is definitely one you will want to add to your toolbox.

Some of the blocks made with Corner Pop by the Class
This one was made by Michelle Hiatt.  I can’t wait to see what she does with this..

What I love about Studio 180 Design tools is that it puts you in charge. With the right tools you can accomplish any block design.  Love them!

Next week a new group of instructors will get certified.  I wish them the best.  The training you will get with Deb Tucker will be beyond anything you could have hoped for.  You will be fully prepared to give instruction on her tools.  Go forth with pride.  It’s a great company of people to join.

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