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What To Quilt and What Threads Do I Use?

What to quilt and what thread do I use? Looking over my newest quilt “Crowning Around,” I saw great open areas for quilting some feathers.  Quilting feathers is probably my favorite quilting design so not a hard decision there.  I copied my quilt pattern onto some freezer paper which I covered with plexiglass and using erasable markers I started doodling designs.  When I found the one that worked for me I drew it directly onto the freezer paper.  I tend to use guidelines such as my block or drawn guides for my quilting rather than drawing the actual design on the block.

I had already decided on the thread a nice lavender silk thread from YLI with Aurifil on the back in a close color.  My quilting was going along just fine until I got to those areas where I was going to do this feather.  It was going to take a little more finesse then I was used to.  Everything showed up.  Each retrace of my thread or wiggle in my design. My first thought since I’d rather not use rulers or mark designs was I better slow down and be more careful.  Slowing down was not enough.  I now had three blocks done and I wasn’t liking it.
Next I thought I better go to off white thread so the thread doesn’t stand out and you just see the design. I also changed my foot so I could use the ruler to help make my stems neater.  The problem with using light colored thread was that I now had  “pokies”  you know that bobbin thread (still lavender) that comes up to the top.  I played with my tension, but couldn’t get rid of the “pokies” until my tension on the back was disappointing.  I also wasn’t happy losing the lavender color in my block.
Now what?   Next thought lighten the color, but keep it in the lavender family so “pokies” might go away.
A little adjusting of the tension and a lot of ripping out of previous stitches. “Pokies” still showing, I will just have to change my bobbin color as well. Frustrating, but the end result will be worth it.

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